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Operational Guidelines

PURPOSE:  The purpose of the FONE Education Committee is to plan, design, and provide educational opportunities including bi-annual conferences that promote education, innovation, research and evidence-based practice by supporting the mission, vision, values and strategic goals of FONE.  The committee strives to showcase and promote excellence in patient care through conferences that are educational, innovative, motivational and inspiring.

The Chairperson for the Education Committee is appointed by the President from the Board of Directors. The functions of the committee include planning, implementing, evaluating and revising the organization’s educational conferences, usually conducted bi-annually.


Committee responsibilities include:

  1. Developing theme/purpose/objectives of program.
  2. Developing budget for all educational activities of conference and present to FONE board for approval. Budget expenses related to conferences may include, but are not limited to :
    1. Honoraria for outside guest speaker
    2. Travel expenses
    3. Hotel accommodations
    4. Audio/visual expenses
    5. Food
    6. Awards
    7. Any giveaways or other items
  3. Reviewing of conference evaluations and feedback and analysis of the information to serve in planning future conferences and serving to meet the learning needs of attendees;
  4. Completing an educational needs assessment survey of FONE members;
  5. Participating in monthly conference calls and meetings to collaboratively plan conferences for Spring and Fall and to explore other educational opportunities;
  6. Identifying potential speakers and poster presenters;
  7. Reviewing and selecting of podium speaker and poster abstract submissions;
  8. Reviewing forms, flyers and documents that are used to market educational events;
  9. Attending conferences to assist the hosting chapter with registration, meeting and greeting as well as other duties assigned.
  10. Contact hours- Letter of request should be set to all speakers with ample planning time to apply for contact hours
  11. Planning for conferences/themes/locations should be done approximately a year in advance.
  12. Program notice/registration to members and potential attendees should be sent out at least 60-90 days in advance.
  13. Prepares certificates for attendees and distributes at end of meeting
  14. Final report is submitted to the board.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

MEETING FREQUENCY: Monthly one-hour conference calls; on-site meetings in the FONE conferences.

MEMBERSHIP: Open to any FONE member who enjoys program planning and collaboration.